Friday, 1 February 2019

Warning: HSA raises alert on Deeja, RDL cosmetic creams containing mercury

The Deeja Cosmetic box set (left) and the RDL Face Off Fade-Out Cream Day Cream 5 in 1. (Photos: Health Sciences Authority)

The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) on Thursday (Jan 31) warned the public not to buy or use four cosmetic creams found to contain mercury, a toxic metal.

One of the products, Deeja Cosmetic Wrinkle cream, was found to contain mercury levels exceeding the permissible limits by more than 40,000 times.

The other three products are: Deeja Cosmetic Sun cream, RDL Babyface Whitening Cream Night Cream 5 in 1 and RDL Face Off Fade-Out Cream Day Cream 5 in 1.

Regular application of creams containing mercury could lead to rash, skin discolouration and blotching. Long-term exposure to high levels of mercury in cosmetic products can cause serious health consequences including damage to the kidneys, digestive and nervous systems.

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