Monday, 8 April 2019

Are you looking for a brain booster in a bottle? Don’t bother

Attention all consumers seeking to protect brain health: You can save hundreds of dollars a year and enhance the health of your brain and body by ignoring the myriad unproven claims for anti-dementia supplements and instead focusing on a lifestyle long linked to better mental and physical well-being.

How many of these purported brain boosters have you already tried – Ginkgo biloba, coenzyme Q10, huperzine A, caprylic acid and coconut oil, coral calcium, among others? The Alzheimer’s Association says that, with the possible exception of omega-3 fatty acids, all that were properly tested thus far have been found wanting.

I admit it is very appealing to think you can maintain your cognitive powers by swallowing a few pills a day instead of adopting a brain-healthy diet, getting regular exercise and adequate sleep, among other health-preserving measures like not smoking. But you would only be fooling yourself and wasting precious dollars that could be better spent on nutritious foods and a good pair of walking shoes.


My 2 cents:

Not all supplements are bad. But for your brain, you have to know that it is like muscles. You have to exercise it to make it strong. Supplement is food to your brain. It will make it healthy, not strong.

Some exercises for your brain include:
  • Let your brain remember more things instead of depending on your mobile phone. Example, remember the things you need to do or  buy for the day, or someone you are meeting for lunch or outing. Of course, counter check your mobile phone in case you miss something or someone.
  • Going somewhere or lost. Try looking on a map manually and remember the directions to go or try recalling all prominent places on the way before you are lost instead.
  • Be neat and tidy. Your brain will visualise how to arrange your things in a proper and orderly manner, where to keep them, etc. When you need something, you will remember where to look.
  • Go for real physical exercises.

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