Saturday, 13 April 2019

Early markers for Parkinson disease

Rapid eye movement behaviour disorder (RBD)

A person with RBD (rapid eye movement behaviour) disorder tends to make loud noises and jerky movements while in deep sleep, especially when having a nightmare. The movements can be of varying intensity and the sufferer can hurt himself or the person next to him.

"The patient usually dreams of being attacked or chased by strangers or wild animals, arguing with somebody or falling down," said Prof Tolosa. "The dreams occur every one to two hours, can last for several minutes and usually happen between 12 and 30 years before PD is diagnosed."

Loss of smell

Another significant early symptom of PD according to Prof Tolosa is the loss of smell. He shared that patients interviewed remember losing their sense of smell, on average, five years before they were diagnosed with PD. Such early symptoms can serve as warnings of further brain changes down the road, he said.


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