Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Forum: Long wait for drinks not acceptable at world-class venue - updated with reply

Last week, I attended the Singapore Badminton Open held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

I found that spectators had to queue for 45 minutes to buy a cup of coffee or tea, or a bottle of water.

As there was only one booth, the queue was the same for both food and drinks, and it extended and snaked outside the immediate area.

At such venues, there should not be any queue that is 50 or 60 people deep.

This is completely unacceptable in a world-class sporting venue.

It is the responsibility of the management at the stadium to ensure the provision of adequate services to patrons commensurate with the quality of the events being hosted.

In order to enhance the spectator experience, those tasked with the management of the stadium should require the vendors or concessionaires at such events to staff the food and drinks booth adequately.

Also, there should be more than one food and drinks vendor to provide choice, or a vending machine for simple drink offerings at least, as no drinks from outside the venue are allowed in the stadium.

The experience ought to have been so much better for the patrons.

Eng Siang Cher

Ref: http://str.sg/oKyy

Reply by Sports Hub: Committed to delivering best event experience

We assure Forum contributor Eng Siang Cher (Long wait for drinks not acceptable at world-class venue, April 16) and members of the public that the Singapore Sports Hub is committed to ensuring that we deliver the best event experience to all our patrons.

We apologise for the food and beverage experience at the recent Singapore Badminton Open held in the Singapore Indoor Stadium. We did notice a surge in demand for food and drinks at intermission periods, which resulted in longer waiting times.

Additional serving stations were added on Sunday's match.

We thank Mr Eng for the feedback and suggestions, and we will continue to improve our patrons' experience at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Jacqueline Lau
Chief Experience Officer

SportsHub Pte Ltd

Ref: http://str.sg/orfo

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