Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Forum: Singaporeans courteous but not mindful

Based on my experience, Singaporeans are courteous but not mindful (She gives up high-flying career to pursue mindfulness, May 19).

Often, when I hold the door open for people in Singapore, many simply walk through without saying "thank you".

However, when I follow their disrespectful act with "it is my pleasure to hold the door for you", invariably, the person says "thank you" quickly with some embarrassment.

Another example is when I am at a hawker centre and I am asked whether the empty seats at my table are taken. Usually, when I say no, the person sits down immediately without saying anything.

However, when I say, "it is my pleasure to answer your question", once again, the "thank you" comes out quickly.

Singaporeans are courteous but just not mindful.

Mindfulness is the key to courtesy too.

Ong Poh Seng

Ref: http://str.sg/oVj7

My 2 cents:
Yes, we need to say more THANK YOU and PLEASE.

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