Sunday, 23 June 2019

Eating yogurt twice a week could lower the risk of pre-cancerous bowel growths in men by 20%

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Eating at least two servings of yogurt a week may help protect men from developing growths that lead to bowel cancer, a new study finds.

Researchers say that men who ate at least two pots of yogurt had a nearly 20% lowered risk of developing the growths, known as adenomas, than men who didn't eat yogurt.

And men who ate yogurt had a 26% decreased risk of developing adenomas that were highly likely to become malignant.

The findings support previous research that suggests consuming yogurt may lower bowel cancer risk by altering both the type and volume of bacteria in the gut.

For those who cannot eat yogurt, you may want to consider cultured dairy blends. The differences between cultured dairy blends and yogurt are low-sugar, high-protein alternatives to conventional yogurt, and they are suitable for diabetics, people who are lactose intolerant, and anyone watching their calories and carbs. 

One BIG difference is yogurt may or may not contain good bacteria where else cultured milk contains good bacteria.


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