Thursday, 13 June 2019

Taxi driver encounters faulty carpark gantry barrier; simply removes it and drives off

Source: yahoo news

When machines malfunction, it is up to humans to solve the problem. That is what this one taxi driver did when he encountered what appeared to be a faulty carpark gantry barrier. Unfazed in the midst of a potential delay in exiting a carpark last Friday afternoon, the man simply tugged the barrier out of its holder and tossed it to the side. Then he got back into his cab and drove off.

The incident, which went viral over the weekend, reportedly occurred at a carpark in Jurong East Street 32, according to The Straits Times, which added that the cabbie had been advised to do what he did by the HDB service provider on the intercom.

Now I think all drivers already knew that the barrier arms at carparks are apparently detachable so as to allow for vehicles to enter or exit in such situations.


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