Sunday, 18 August 2019

Being outdoors 2 hours a day keeps myopia away, but some Singapore parents say ‘no way’

To save your children’s eyesight, let them have at least two hours of outdoor time every day.

That is the main message that eye experts from Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) want to drive home as a new Myopia Centre in Bedok opened on Friday (Aug 16) and SNEC launched a new children's book, titled Amanda the Panda: Outdoor Play Keeps Myopia Away.

A common, but dangerous, misconception is that myopia is a mere inconvenience, given that blurred vision can be corrected with optical aids such as spectacles, contact lens or even surgery such as Lasik later in life, eye doctors said.

“Optical correction or surgery doesn’t cure myopia or reduce the risk of developing complications,” Associate Professor Marcus Ang said.

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