Friday, 23 August 2019

What does eating in moderation really mean? A dietitian explains

You have heard it before (definitely from me!): Go ahead and enjoy your favorite foods - just do so in moderation. It is a phrase meant to help prevent feelings of deprivation when you’re trying to maintain a healthy diet, and while in theory it is sage advice, in reality it is meaningless.

To figure out what moderation means in your day-to-day eating, here’s some help:
I follow a 90/10 approach, which means I make 90% of my food choices healthy, leaving 10% wiggle room for my favorite indulgences (pizza, cookies, ice cream).

By the time you have loaded up on wholesome picks, there is not much room left for the less nutritious stuff (see the handy chart at right for guidance). If you are counting calories, try to limit treat foods to 150 to 200 total calories a day—and do not forget to enjoy yourself!


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