Monday, 21 October 2019

Migraines caused $1.04 billion loss in Singapore last year: Study

A migraine often progresses through several stages. Symptoms include constipation, irritability and visual disturbances, before the actual headache occurs. It lasts between four and 72 hours, mostly affects 30- to 40-year-olds, and is more common in adult women than men due to hormonal changes.

Migraine sufferers caused about $1.04 billion in economic losses in Singapore last year, a local study has found.

Productivity loss made up 80% of the cost, with the remaining 20% attributed to healthcare costs.

People who experienced these chronic headaches also missed an average of 9.8 work days a year, and for those who continued working, the symptoms greatly reduced their ability to perform tasks, amounting to productivity loss of 7.4 days each year.


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My 2 cents:

One of the causes of migraine is not enough sleep. As more people are addicted to their smart devices, they are depriving themselves of sleep. If one does not sleep well, the head will be the first place to get problems. If the cause of migraine is not removed, medicine or tonic food can only help migraine sufferers to a certain degree.

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