Friday, 4 January 2019

Netflix issues warning over ‘Bird Box challenge’

Now there is a new Internet “challenge” making the rounds on social media, thanks to Netflix’s post-apocalyptic hit Bird Box, starring Sandra Bullock.

In the movie, Bullock’s character and her children go on a journey to find a safe haven as they attempt to avoid a mysterious force that compels people to kill themselves if they open their eyes in its presence.

To protect themselves, the trio spends almost the entire movie blindfolded.

Netflix on Wednesday (Jan 2) issued a warning on Twitter asking people not to take part in the “Bird Box challenge”, in which people post videos and photos of themselves doing everyday tasks blindfolded like the characters from the movie.

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Breakthrough as Australian scientists discover a cell that can 'put melanoma tumours to sleep'

Scientists have made a breakthrough discovery that could open up revolutionary treatments for skin cancer.

Research has uncovered that special immune cells have the power to put melanoma tumours 'to sleep', stopping them from spreading.

The tissue-resident memory T-cells have been used to fight cancer in the past but researchers did not know how they worked - until now.

They discovered that the T-cells could be used to stop the growth of skin cancers without killing them but by inducing a state of dormancy.


The only resolutions you need to make for 2019, according to an intensive care nurse

  1. Love nature
  2. Appreciate your body - your body is with you for life, so take care of it
  3. Make friends with food and drink - do not go on diet, eat less, not eating
  4. Be kind
  5. Talk about death
  6. Appreciate and make time for loved ones


My photo - flowers (macro)

pink flowers

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Technology: Transition to Digital TV as Analogue TV signals turn off on Jan 1 midnight

Singapore will transition from analogue to digital television (DTV) at midnight on Jan 1, 2019, paving the way for better quality pictures, superior sound, multi-language subtitles and electronic programme guides.

Singapore is among the latest countries to go digital, joining the likes of the United States, Canada, Japan and South Korea, as part of a global trend.

Ms Aileen Chia, Deputy Chief Executive for Policy, Regulation and Competition Development for the IMDA said: "IMDA has set up DTV counters at all 106 community centres islandwide to better help residents. They are open from 2pm to 9pm till 6th January 2019. These counters have been welcomed by residents. So we encourage those who have yet to make the switch or who need help switching, to visit these counters for assistance."

Additionally, residents of Housing Development Board flats who have yet to make the switch, can still qualify for the free DTV Starter Kit till Mar 31, 2019.

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