Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Exceptional people: Moving service worker praised for returning a bag full of $50k in cash

“We would like to express our gratitude to him for his honesty which not many would have done the same especially honesty is very important in our industry where customer entrust their furniture and belongings to us,” the company wrote in a Facebook post.

Though the company (Prestige Moving Services) did not mention when this took place, it noted that $50,000 in cash was found wrapped up in a plastic bag and stored in a corner of a cabinet — believed to have been forgotten by a customer.

“Jake, made the best move and decision to return the money in whole amount to the customer,” Prestige wrote, hailing the man’s integrity and hoping that he would continue working under them for years to come.


Forum: No shame in repeating a year

There should be no shame in dropping out of the Integrated Programme or repeating a year in junior college (The shame of dropping out of the Integrated Programme; Dec 30, 2018).

Just a couple of months ago, one of my teachers told my JC1 class that if we feel that we are not comfortable with the JC1 curriculum topics, we can choose to repeat a year to master the fundamental academic concepts, even if we meet the criteria for promotion to JC2.

She emphasised that life is a long journey, and that one additional year of education is insignificant compared with a person's lifespan and can be just what some of us need to lay a solid foundation for the future.

I found this to be very insightful.

All of us have different learning capabilities. We should do what is best for ourselves instead of succumbing to the pressures of our competitive society.

Lim Si En, 17


My photo - orange flower found in one of the local community gardens

16Jan2019 - another flower from a local community garden

A public domain photo by me

Parents often do not know when teens have suicidal thoughts

Three in four parents are unaware when their teens have recurrent thoughts about suicide, and a big part of the problem may be that adolescents often deny feeling this way, a U.S. study suggests.

But when they did, half of their parents were unaware these teens had thoughts of killing themselves and 76% of parents did not know when teens regularly thought about death, researchers report in Pediatrics.

These findings highlight the importance of open communication between parents and adolescents and creating a safe and supportive family environment where adolescents feel comfortable disclosing their problems and concerns to parents and parents feel comfortable soliciting information from their teens having difficult conversations.

"Teens need to know they can depend on their parents in times of need," Jason Jones, the lead study author said by email. "Parents should also not hesitate to seek help if they have concerns."

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SingPost delivers apology for recent 'service failures'

SingPost on Monday (Jan 14) apologised to customers for its "service deterioration" in recent weeks, citing a "tremendously busy" November-December period as the reason for poor service quality.

"It would be fair to state that we have failed to live up to expectations in recent times," said the postal delivery service on its website and in a Facebook post.

In explaining the background to the service deterioration, SingPost said it delivered an average of 3 million mail items a day, but an increase in package volumes for last year's November-December period put additional pressure on its services.

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