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The few who follow US 'MyPlate' guidance have healthier diets

US MyPlate

Fewer than one in four U.S. adults follow the agriculture department's "MyPlate" dietary guidelines, but those who do have much healthier eating habits.

For the study, researchers examined nutrition data on a nationally-representative sample of 3,194 adults who were surveyed about their eating habits between 2011 and 2014. Overall, just 731 participants, or about 23%, followed MyPlate dietary guidelines or MyPyramid, an older version of these recommendations.

People who followed MyPlate or MyPyramid consumed fewer daily calories (2,120 versus 2,333) on average and had diets higher in whole grains and green vegetables and lower in fats and added sugars than participants who did not try to adhere to these dietary guidelines.


Singapore MyHealthyPlate

Singapore's equivalent of US 'MyPlate' is 'My Healthy Plate'.

Exercise DOES beat depression

Scientists have found some concrete evidence that exercising a little bit every day does reduce depression symptoms and boost overall mood.

For years, studies have found a connection between working out and lower depression risk - we all know exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy.

But until now, there was no evidence to show a causal relationship when it came to depression - whether physical activity really did affect the condition, or simply that people with depression exercised less.


AIA launches first insurance policy in Singapore that covers mental illnesses

Insurance group AIA has launched an insurance policy that offers coverage for mental illnesses - the first of its kind in Singapore - in what it says is a move aimed at tackling the stigma surrounding these conditions.

The AIA Beyond Critical Care policy will cover five conditions - major depressive disorders (MDD), schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and Tourette Syndrome. The policy will provide coverage up to age 75, except for Tourette Syndrome, which will be up to age 21.

Findings showed that the majority - or about 75% - of people who have experienced a mental disorder in their lifetime did not seek professional help.

“AIA Beyond Critical Care fills the gaps in protection, providing comprehensive coverage for previously unprotected areas," said Ms Ho Lee Yen, chief customer and marketing officer at AIA Singapore.

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