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What you need to know about the new active mobility regulations - updated

From 1st February, 2019, cyclists and users of personal mobility devices (PMDs) will have to watch their speed when travelling on footpaths following the recommendations made by the Active Mobility Advisory Panel.

Among the regulations is 10kmh riding speed limit on footpaths for cyclists and PMD users.

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British lung cancer patients are the first in the world to benefit from lifesaving surgery that 'microwaves' tumours

British lung cancer patients told there was ‘no hope’ have been the first in the world to benefit from lifesaving surgery that ‘microwaves’ tumours, burning them away and leaving no scars.

Nine cancer sufferers have so far had the revolutionary ten-minute operation at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London.

They had been told by doctors they were too frail to withstand conventional surgery or radiotherapy for their tumours and that they had run out of options.

All nine are still alive nearly a year after doctors began using the revolutionary new technique.

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Forum: Legalise surrogacy for childless couples

While there are no explicit laws banning surrogacy in Singapore, in practice, health institutions here are not allowed to offer it (Hard choices on surrogacy in Singapore; Jan 17).

The Ministry of Health (MOH) allows for fertility clinics, but discourages surrogacy.

If Singapore is serious about remedying its declining birth rate, perhaps MOH should legalise local surrogacy for childless couples who are unable to conceive even with fertility treatments.

Surrogacy gives a couple the joy of being able to watch their baby grow up from the very beginning.

Adoption can be a long and tedious process, and couples may also prefer surrogacy as the child will bear their genes.

Infertile couples deserve the chance to be happy parents. They should not be denied the option of surrogacy if they are able to find someone willing to carry the baby for them.

Surrogacy is a matter of choice, not morality. It simply provides a means to the end of allowing a couple to have a child. While it may be a controversial issue, there is room for discussion and understanding among those concerned.

Why should the state stand in the way of a couple's desire or decision to have children? As long as there is informed consent and no one is taking advantage of anyone else, legal surrogacy should be made available.

I acknowledge that more research needs to be done before taking this step. To avoid unintended consequences, it is important for MOH to make sure that all aspects of surrogacy have been looked into, such as the welfare of the surrogate mother.

MOH should consider conducting a pilot trial for surrogacy, instead of closing the door entirely.

Cheng Choon Fei


Children who play on iPads or watch too much television have poorer problem solving, communication and personal skills by the age of five

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Allowing pre-school children to play on tablets or iPads and watch lots of television affects their development by the age of five, researchers have found.

Scientists assessed the communication, dexterity, problem solving and personal skills of 2,400 children at the age of two, three and five.

They found those who were exposed to the most screentime at the age of two showed poorer development by the age of three.

And those who spent most time in front of a screen at the age of three had poorer development at age five.


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