Sunday, 3 March 2019

Public domain photo by Chris Smith - Milwaukee Art Museum


A public domain photo by Chris Smith

Exceptional people: The 80-year-old who cares for the lonely elderly poor, in life and death

Mr Lim Hang Chung is blind in one eye

Mr Lim Hang Chung and the organisation he chairs, Cheng Hong Welfare Service Society, are doing their best to provide the low-income elderly with free funeral services.

By 2030, an estimated 83,000 elderly residents will be living alone, double the 41,200 residents in 2015. And Mr Lim feels most sorry for those with no family or who are estranged.

“If they’re worried that there’s no one helping them in their last rites, don’t you think it’s pitiful? Therefore if we help them to do it … they’d feel comforted,” he said.

An electrical contractor by profession, he started Cheng Hong in 2004 with a different intention: To provide free traditional Chinese medicine services for the elderly. Cheng Hong's Afterlife Memorial Service was born in 2012.