Thursday, 11 April 2019

Autism symptoms can be reduced 50% in children with fecal transplants

Fecal transplants drastically reduced autism symptoms in children, according to new research.

Symptoms almost halved in 18 children given the treatment - known medically as microbiota transfer therapy.

The study builds on the theory that the neurological condition may be rooted in the gut, rather than the brain.

Two years after the transplant, children saw a roughly 45% drop in issues with language, social interaction and behavior.


Experimental cancer vaccine that teaches the body to seek and destroy tumours

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A cancer vaccine that teaches the body to fight tumours has put three lymphoma patients into remission.

The vaccine is injected directly into the tumour and teaches the immune system to destroy it, as well as seek other cancerous cells.

Researchers tested it on 11 patients with lymphoma and said some were in full remission for months and even years.

Trials have been so successful that experts believe it offers hope for many other cancers, including those of the breast, head and neck. 


High stress levels a silent culprit behind diabetes

We often think of consuming too much sugar as the key cause for diabetes, but research has shown that lifestyle habits too can induce stress hormones and lead to diabetes.

Classic stress hormones such as cortisol and catecholamines, if secreted often enough when our body reacts to stress, can create insulin resistance. And insulin then becomes less effective in controlling the blood glucose levels.

Acute stress

This is when the body enters the classical “fight or flight” mode – like when your heart races as you prepare to give a big presentation at work or when you get stuck in traffic. At this stage, your body releases glucose to prepare you to fight or to escape.

Chronic stress

But chronic stress can also lead to diabetes. For instance, in situations where people are saddled with prolonged financial difficulty or have to hold down a challenging relationship, their alarm system is constantly activated, the pancreas struggles harder to produce enough insulin to combat the amount of glucose your body releases.


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Exceptional MaritimeSingapore: Tops list of global maritime capitals for fourth time in a row

Singapore has been ranked the world's top maritime capital for the fourth consecutive time in the Leading Maritime Capitals of the World (LMC) report.

Hamburg came in second overall, followed by Rotterdam, Hong Kong, London and Shanghai.

The report, released by consultancy firm Menon Economics on Wednesday (Apr 10), assessed a total of 15 maritime capitals across five pillars, each with a set of indicators.

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