Saturday, 18 May 2019

Proton therapy system seeks to offer safer treatment for cancer patients in Singapore

Cancer patients in Singapore can soon choose a safer treatment with the ProBeam Proton Therapy System, the first of such advanced radiation treatment system in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

The system, which costs about $32 million, has been successfully installed at the Biopolis by Proton Therapy, a subsidiary of healthcare diagnostics service provider Singapore Institute of Advanced Medicine Holdings (SAM). It is scheduled to be operational in early 2020.

It administers proton therapy treatment, a technologically-advanced method whereby high-energy proton beams target and kill cancer cells with precision.

This means that, unlike the standard method of X-ray radiation therapy, less radiation is given out beyond the affected area, thereby reducing the risk of healthy-tissue damage due to side effects.


Exceptional people: DHL driver stops vehicle to piggyback elderly man across traffic junction

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Strong link between simple acts of kindness and volunteering, donating

People who give up their seats to others on the train, return their trays after eating, or provide directions to a lost person, are more likely to engage in bigger acts of generosity, such as volunteering or donating to charities.

These “micro-giving” acts of voluntary, spontaneous and everyday kindness were examined in 2018’s Individual Giving Survey by the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC).

Speaking to reporters on Thursday (May 16), NVPC’s chief executive officer, Ms Melissa Kwee, said that micro-giving acts were a “catalyst to much more significant, sustainable and impactful giving behaviour”.

People who engaged in these small acts of kindness, for instance, were about twice as likely to volunteer compared to those who did not, and were 29 per cent more likely to make cash donations.


My 2 cents:
One does not have to do big or to donate generously to be deemed as doing good. A small good deed a day will accumulate all the small deeds to a very big deed. So start doing small good deeds and your good karma will grow.

Pregnant women who snack on nuts during their first trimester are 'more likely to have a smart child

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Pregnant women who munch on walnuts, almonds or pine nuts are more likely to have a brainy child, a study suggests.

Spanish scientists found children whose mothers ate three 30g servings of nuts a week in the first trimester scored better on cognitive function, attention and memory tests.

Nuts are rich in folate and essential fatty acids, which are thought to accumulate in brain tissue responsible for memory and attention spans.


My 2 cents:
Another way of having smart kids is to take fish oil during schooling. Fish oil is full of omega-3, which is the nutrient for your brain.