Sunday, 19 May 2019

Parkinson’s disease can hit those in their 20s, affecting movement, mood and sleep

While it is largely regarded as a condition afflicting those above the age of 60, Parkinson's disease affects younger adults too.

About one in eight patients have symptoms before the age of 50 and, one in 20, before they reach 40, said Associate Professor Prakash Kumar Manharlal, a senior consultant in neurology at the National Neuroscience Institute (NNI).

Those in the under-50 age group are said to have young-onset Parkinson’s disease. They make up a fifth of the 4,000 Parkinson’s disease patients seen at NNI, where the youngest patient treated was in his early 20s.

When medications alone can no longer control symptoms or when complications from medications affect quality of life, patients may consider a surgical treatment known as deep brain stimulation, he said.

Electrodes are inserted into a targeted area of the brain and a small pacemaker-like device is surgically placed under the skin, beneath the collarbone.  The device sends electrical signals to the part of the brain involved in motor function to decrease symptoms.


Diabetes drug metformin could relieve fibromyalgia

A 'go-to' diabetes drug could transform the lives of fibromyalgia sufferers, research suggests.

A study found treating sufferers battling the chronic pain disorder with metformin 'dramatically' improved their symptoms.

And some even saw their pain intensity go from ten out of a possible 11 to zero thanks to the commonly prescribed diabetes drug.

The researchers also found a clear link between fibromyalgia and insulin resistance, which occurs when the body fails to respond to the hormone and skews its blood sugar control. 


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Black fungus and celery dumpling

Fish roe and scallop dumpling

Shrimp, dried scallops, and Chinese celery dumplings
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Technology: Lenovo just unveiled the world's first laptop with a folding screen

Source: Yahoo news

PC giant Lenovo has just unveiled the world's first foldable laptop. The device, which is still a prototype and doesn't yet have a firm release date or pricing, will be a part of the company's venerable ThinkPad X1 family of notebooks and feature a foldable 13.3-inch touchscreen display as well as a keyboard attachment.

In development at Lenovo for three years, the X1 prototype can be folded down the middle and held as a book, or laid out flat and used as what is essentially a tablet PC. And while Samsung's Galaxy Fold may have hit a brick wall after early users saw its foldable display crack, Lenovo's offering proves that foldable devices are still the future of personal computing.