Friday, 24 May 2019

Singapore seniors each need at least S$1,379 monthly to meet basic needs

Chinatown is one place where senior Singaporeans gather to pass the time

A Singaporean senior citizen aged 65 and above and living alone needs about S$1,379 a month to meet basic standards of living.

The amount increases to S$1,721 for those aged between 55 and 64.

As for couples aged 65 and older, they need S$2,351 a month.

That is what a team of researchers found after conducting focus-group discussions with more than 100 people who come from various ethnic groups, housing types and educational levels. Almost nine in 10 (89%) were aged 55 and above.


New S$528,000 fund to help disadvantaged people stay employed

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When stereotypes, stigmas and prejudices prevent people with disabilities or mental health problems from finding jobs, they are often financially or socially disadvantaged for life.

To overcome these barriers, a new fund was launched on Thursday (May 23) to address the problem of social exclusion of disadvantaged groups here, bringing employment and vocational training support to where it is needed most.

The Learning Initiatives for Employment — Community Impact Fund programme is run by the Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS), with the aim of equipping participants with skills, and helping them find jobs and stay employed.

It will target four marginalised groups, namely:
  • People with disabilities
  • People recovering from mental illnesses
  • Disadvantaged women
  • Youth-at-risk


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If you see these ‘hooks’ in public restrooms, do not touch them - just call the police

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Spy cameras come in all shapes and sizes. Law enforcement uses them to monitor terrorists and criminals and keep track of drivers on our roads. Advancements in technology, however, have made it very easy for anyone to obtain spy cameras, install them in public places, and use the footage for their own private use.

These mini cameras can be installed in the restroom door as screws, part of the bolt and latch, or even as part of the door frame. Then again, it may just be a mini camera in its original form, just hidden inconspicuously.

If you do happen to spot one of these devices, do not touch it - just notify the police.