Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Scam warning: Nearly 100 police reports made against online sellers of concert, event tickets

The police have received more than 98 reports of e-commerce scams involving the sale of concert and event tickets here in the first four months of the year.

In an advisory issued on Monday (May 27), they are reminding the public to exercise more caution when buying tickets online.

The police said that for the 98 cases, the victims of the reported scams either did not receive the tickets, or received invalid tickets after their payments were made.

They are advising potential buyers to be wary of online advertisements of concert or show tickets going at cheap prices that “sound too good to be true”.


Hypothyroidism, Metformin & Weight Loss

Metformin is a diabetes drug that can improve insulin sensitivity and promote weight loss by helping lower glucose levels and prevent hunger. It works as a weight-loss aid, but may not be suitable for people with hypothyroidism because it can interact with levothyroxine - thyroid replacement hormone - and lead to high blood sugars.

People with diabetes must pay close attention to glucose levels when using levothyroxine. Because levothyroxine can affect metformin and make it less effective, these two drugs should not be used together.

Losing weight with both diabetes and hypothyroidism can be challenging. A combination of a healthy, calorie-reduced diet and exercise should help you lose weight at a slow and steady pace, just work with your doctor and dietitian.


Video: Nice trick to stop baby from crying - using mom's dirty laundry

More dengue cases this year than all of 2018

A recent spike in dengue cases has caused the total so far this year to exceed that of the whole of 2018, a surge that has prompted the National Environment Agency (NEA) to bring forward its annual dengue prevention programme.

The programme involves grassroots organisations and NEA officials raising residents' awareness of the spread of the disease and ways to curb it.

NEA said 3,541 dengue cases have been reported to date this year, compared with 3,285 cases for the whole of 2018.

Three people, all of whom were in their seventies, have died from the mosquito-borne viral disease this year.


Forum: Colonial past contributed to Singapore of today

The days of colonial rule ended in 1963 when Britain left Singapore to govern itself.

It is pertinent to note that the locals in present-day Singapore are descendants of immigrants who came here when the British established a trading post on the island in 1824.

To harp on British colonialism in Singapore and to show traits of anti-colonialism after 200 years, targeting the developments that the British made possible and which benefited the people, is to be mean-spirited (Give Elgin Bridge more meaningful name, May 24).

This year, as Singapore marks its bicentenary, it is timely to acknowledge that without the British presence, there would be no modern Singapore, and that is something to consider when we take the anti-colonial path and demand that structures bearing British names be replaced.

It was the British who built up this island, and it was only from the 1950s and 1960s that the foundations that they laid were strengthened and improved upon by the Government.

By removing British references in the names of buildings or landmarks, we would be removing a part of the history and heritage we are trying to preserve.

What would present-day Singapore be without these beginnings?

Florence Veronica Minjoot


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