Monday, 15 July 2019

Why experts say it is not the best idea to cut out *all* sugar from your life

In reality, eliminating all sugar from your diet is pretty damn hard. “Sugar is contained in so many of the foods we eat on a daily basis—especially when we go out to restaurants that serve food which contains hidden amounts of sugars,” says Dr. Glatter. That does not mean it is not worth it to be mindful of one’s sugar intake, but to completely cut sugar out of one’s diet would involve a significant amount of research, likely require preparing all the food one eats themselves, and in some cases, could make a person’s experience with food super restrictive and limiting. In other words, it is not a sustainable way to eat for most.

It is not a good idea to go completely cold turkey on all forms of sugar from a health standpoint, either. “Cutting out all sugar would mean cutting out fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, which not only sounds like torture but is also super unhealthy for you,” says Zeitlin. “These are the only three foods that can offer you fiber, so if you cut them out you will likely suffer from constipation, bloat and GI discomfort,” she says. And fiber is a crucial nutrient that is finally getting the recognition it deserves, thanks to its proven ability to lower cholesterol, keep blood sugar levels in check, and maintain digestive health—so skipping foods that have it to avoid sugar is not a good health compromise.

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2 my cents:
I have a friend who was so scare of getting the 3 highs that he restricted himself from all sugary foods. The result being he fainted a few times because the sugar in his body was too low. Too much sugar is bad for health, but not enough sugar is more dangerous.

Exceptional people: Singapore men's floorball team thrash Thailand 17-1 to claim AOFC Cup

The Singapore national men’s floorball team clinched the Asia Oceania Floorball Confederation (AOFC) Cup, after thrashing Thailand 17-1 in the final at the Alonte Sports Arena in Binan, Philippines on Friday (12 July).

The big win exacted a measure of revenge for Singapore, who lost 3-4 to the Thais in last year’s Men’s World Floorball Championships play-offs. They also lost 4-8 to the same rivals in the inaugural 2017 AOFC Cup final.

This time around, Singapore were imperious in the tournament, winning all their five matches by huge scorelines – against Japan (10-1), Philippines (17-2), India (16-2), South Korea in the semi-finals (13-1) and Thailand.


Children born to obese mothers are 57% more likely to develop cancer, study finds

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Children born to obese mothers are up to 57% more likely to develop cancer, according to new research.

The researchers, who analyzed more than 2 million births and 3,000 cancer cases in Pennsylvania, believe disruptions to insulin levels at crucial points in the fetus's development could set in motion dangerous cell changes that lead to disease years down the line.

The connection is so strong, they said, that it should deter any expectant mothers from fast food and excess sugar, which could derail her insulin control.