Tuesday, 13 August 2019

‘Not all PMD riders are bad’: GrabFood delivery man commended for rescuing trapped driver

Mr Muhammad Riau Alfian was seen in a video pulling an elderly man out of a lorry that had turned on its side before paramedics arrived.

A GrabFood delivery man was hailed as a hero after he rescued a trapped driver from a lorry that overturned at a junction in Boon Lay on Saturday (Aug 10) morning.

In videos captured by witness Mohamad Nurfadly, the GrabFood rider — who was identified as Mr Muhammad Riau Alfian, 28 — was seen pulling an elderly man out of a lorry that had turned on its side before paramedics arrived.

The lorry driver was trying to avoid a rubbish truck along the junction at Jalan Boon Lay and Boon Lay Way at about 10am when it made a sharp right turn, causing it to tip over.

Mr Nurfadly, a 37-year-old first-aid instructor, told TODAY that the moment the accident took place, Mr Alfian threw aside his personal mobility device (PMD), mobile phone and delivery bag and rushed to help.

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Singapore to ban domestic trade in ivory

Singapore will ban domestic trade in elephant ivory from September 2021, the National Parks Board (NParks) said on Monday (Aug 12).

The ban will mean that the sale of elephant ivory and ivory products will be prohibited in Singapore, NParks said. The display of the products for sale will also not be allowed.

The ban will take effect on Sep 1, 2021.

"This nationwide ban highlights Singapore's resolve in the fight against illegal trade in species listed under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)," NParks said in a press release.

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Exceptional people: Intellectual disability no impediment as ‘accomplished’ blood donor nears 70th donation

Conrad Puah Neo reacts during his 69th blood donation. Source: cna

Conrad Puah Neo is no average donor - he has been giving blood for two decades and counting. To be precise - 69 times since 1997. His eventual goal is to reach his 100th blood donation in 2023.

43-year-old Conrad has moderate intellectual disability which has affected his speech, ability to read and certain aspects of behaviour such as social skills. But that does not stop him from helping others.

"He’s very proud of donating blood, that gives him self-esteem and that spurs him on. He feels accomplished" said his father Clement Puah Neo.

"If you understand people with disabilities, there are lots of things they cannot do," said Mr Puah Neo. "The danger is that self-esteem can be quite low. Every time people have to do things for them and they are always told: 'You cannot this, you cannot do that.'

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Polish village ponders why last baby boy was born a decade ago

The mayor is offering a reward for the missing. Scientists want to investigate their absence. And television crews have come searching for answers about a small Polish village’s strange population anomaly.

No boy has been born there in almost a decade.

The all-girl young volunteer firefighters team in the village of Miejsce Odrzanskie, Poland, Aug. 1, 2019. Source: todayonline

In the years since the last baby boy was born, there have been 12 births in the village, an agricultural community on the edge of the smallest and least populated province in Poland. Residents do not know what accounts for the anomaly, but many think it might all just be a coincidence, like a run of coin flips turning up heads.

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