Saturday, 24 August 2019

Father, daughter commended for helping nab suspect who took upskirt photos; Man stops senior citizen from committing suicide

Mr Loo King Keong and Mr Augustine Luo (receiving on behalf of Ms Alethea Luo), AC Jarrod Pereira. (Photo: Singapore Police Force)

For their efforts in nabbing a suspect who took upskirt photos, Mr Loo and Ms Luo received the Singapore Police Force's Public Spiritedness Award on Friday (Aug 23).

Mohamed Juhairi Juma'at was also commended for stopping an elderly man from committing suicide on the fifth floor of Blk 58 Lengkok Bahru on May 23.

The elderly man already had one leg over the parapet and Mr Juhairi reacted swiftly and managed to bring the man to safety.

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Nicotine-free vaping can damage blood vessels and narrow them by up to a THIRD

Even nicotine-free e-cigarettes are not safe, a new study suggests.

Vaping heated, flavored liquid still damages the blood vessels when nicotine is absent, according to a new University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine study.

Researchers there found heat morphs the chemicals in e-liquids into toxic particles that distress and damage the blood vessels.

Their findings come amid an alarming slew of lung disease cases among patients who have one thing in common: vaping, whether it be using e-cigarettes infused with nicotine, cannabis or something else.


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Scientists discover exercising in open, green spaces relieves stress more than breaking a sweat indoors

Exercising outdoors relieves stress more than working out indoors, according to a study.

Mountain biking and running in landscapes without any buildings were found to have the biggest positive impact on mental health.

Psychologists believe it's the calming effect of nature that makes outdoor exercise so stress relieving.

The research adds to a swathe of studies that have found exposure to green space is beneficial for our mood.