Saturday, 31 August 2019

Scam alert: Sheng Siong urges shoppers not to believe scam message about winning a Huawei P30

Yesterday, the National Crime Prevention Council sounded off an alert about a scam message that has been making rounds recently, sent by a “ShengSiong”. The real Sheng Siong supermarket chain, however, has nothing to do with the “August Draw” that the message recipient was said to have taken part in.

The message includes a link to a website that will congratulate visitors for being one of the lucky few selected to score a free Huawei P30.  But you have to key in your billing information, including your credit card details.

Keying in one’s credit card details would immediately incur a $122 monthly fee for a subscription of some kind of “unlimited online entertainment”. There is an option to cancel the subscription, but since this is a scam, one wonders if it will work.


Forum: A law that is unhealthy for family ties

I am shocked to learn about the clause in the Women's Charter which mandates payouts for education for a child over 21 as long as he is unable to support himself (Parents obliged to support children's education, Aug 29).

Short of being physically or mentally challenged, I think able-bodied men who can serve national service and defend the country should be matured enough to look for a job and earn enough to support himself rather than depend on his parents.

I think parents should not be penalised if their adult children refuse to look for a job or fail to earn their keep themselves.

If parents, for whatever reason, cannot or refuse to fund the education of their adult children, it is only logical that the children should look for a job instead of continuing their education or taking their parents to court.

Allowing such a provision in our law that encourages children to sue their parents in court can only result in unhealthy family relationships. This will discourage more people from having children.

It is reasonable for parents to provide for their children till the age of 18. Anything beyond that should be strictly voluntary, and children should be expected to look after themselves thereafter.

Seah Yam Meng


My 2 cents:
Some of the clauses of Women's Charter were written long time ago when women and children needed protection. But time has changed and I think the clauses should change with the time.

Women are now more independent and can be just as greedy and evil. People are getting smarter and cunning, including children. 

Capable people should be encouraged to be less dependable on the government, find their own solutions whenever possible.

When the law is separated into men and women, there will never be equality among the sexes. Just like when law and religions are mixed, there will be no peace among the same people. Law should not be mixed nor divided.

Exceptional people: Koen Pang becomes first Singaporean to be ranked world’s No. 1 Under 18 table tennis player

Source: Yahoo news

Table tennis player Koen Pang has become the first Singaporean to be ranked the world’s No. 1 Under 18 paddler.

This comes after the International Table Tennis Federation updated the current Under 18 world ranking list, the Singapore Table Tennis Association said in a statement on Friday (31 August).

Koen, 17, said, “I am very happy that I am able to achieve this target. It's a milestone and I'm really grateful for the support given to me by Singapore Table Tennis Association, Sports SG, Singapore Sports Institute and Singapore Sports School. I hope this will spur the younger players to believe that with hard work and perseverance, all things are possible!’’