Wednesday, 11 September 2019

You need to delete these 24 malware-infested Android apps right now

The malware, which has been dubbed “Joker,” is designed to sneakily sign users up for subscription services, ones that they might be charged for over the course of several months before they even realize that they are subscribed.

Here is the list of apps infected with the Joker malware:
  • Advocate Wallpaper
  • Age Face
  • Altar Message
  • Antivirus Security – Security Scan
  • Beach Camera
  • Board picture editing
  • Certain Wallpaper
  • Climate SMS
  • Collate Face Scanner
  • Cute Camera
  • Dazzle Wallpaper
  • Declare Message
  • Display Camera
  • Great VPN
  • Humour Camera
  • Ignite Clean
  • Leaf Face Scanner
  • Mini Camera
  • Print Plant scan
  • Rapid Face Scanner
  • Reward Clean
  • Ruddy SMS
  • Soby Camera
  • Spark Wallpaper

If you did install any of the apps on this list, now is the time to uninstall them. You will also want to pay attention to your credit card statements to make sure you have not been signed up for anything without your knowledge.


Scam warning: Hackers impersonate electronics retail giants


In less than a week, hackers have impersonated electronics retail giants Challenger and Harvey Norman, in a bid to stage phishing attacks by directing customers to fake sites.

Yesterday, both firms issued advisories about such scams, reiterating the warnings they had given on Sept 3.

In Challenger's case, it involves an SMS sent to its customers that falsely claims they had won a mobile phone in a contest. They are then led to a website where they are asked to give their credit card details to pay for a processing fee.

Separately, Harvey Norman posted an alert on its website yesterday, warning that "an unknown entity has been impersonating the firm through Facebook".

The fake Facebook page has since been removed.

Both companies advise customers not to share their personal information or credit card details via unsolicited messages or fake sites.


Two-hour cancer testing in the pipeline at NUS

Instead of having to put up with weeks of uncertainty, people who suspect that they have cancer will soon be able to confirm if they have a malignant tumor, as well as ascertain the stage of their cancer in two hours.

Patients will also only need to provide doctors with a tissue sample equivalent to the size of a drop of blood – or 50 micro-liters – extracted by a fine needle.

The breakthrough from researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) also means that patients will no longer have to undergo multiple biopsies. The test is 94% accurate.

Currently, the most popular fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy option has up to a 35% chance of being inconclusive, which means one in three patients will have to return to the hospital for another jab.

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Three quarters of suicides are male - why are not men seeking help for their mental health in UK

In the UK, someone takes their own life every two hours and according to research, men are three times more likely to take their own lives than women - with men alone accounting for three quarters of suicides.

Male suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 45.

In 2018, there were 6,507 suicides registered in the UK, with 4,903 of them being among men.

Those are some pretty terrifying statistics to get your head round ahead of World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10).