Tuesday, 15 October 2019

People who walk slowly at 45 have older brains, bodies

Walking slowly could be a sign to identify how quickly your brain and body are likely to age, suggests a study.

Slower walkers were shown to have "accelerated aging" on a 19-measure scale devised by researchers, and their lungs, teeth and immune systems tended to be in worse shape than the people who walked faster.

"The thing that's really striking is that this is in 45-year-old people, not the geriatric patients who are usually assessed with such measures," said lead researcher Line JH Rasmussen, a post-doctoral researcher in the Duke University's Department of Psychology and Neuroscience.

Equally striking, neurocognitive testing that these individuals took as children could predict who would become the slower walkers. At the age of three, their scores on IQ, understanding language, frustration tolerance, motor skills, and emotional control predicted their walking speed at age 45.

Ref: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/people-walk-slowly-45-older-brains-bodies-study-131905733.html

Exceptional people: Singapore beat Austria 8-5 to win FINA Water Polo Challengers Cup

Singapore national water polo team. Source: yahoo news

Hosts Singapore were crowned champions of the FINA Water Polo Challengers Cup on Sunday (13 October), after they defeated top-seeded Austria 8-5 in the final at the OCBC Aquatic Centre.

It was the first time the Republic have won the competition. They also made the final in 2009, when the competition was named the FINA World Development Trophy, but lost to Kuwait.

Goalkeeper Lee Kai Yang was named Player of the Game in the final, while Ang earned the the Most Valuable Player of the competition. Austria’s captain Salkan Samardzic won the Best Goalkeeper Award.

Indonesia, potentially Singapore’s closest challengers at the SEA Games, clinched third place when they beat Ireland 14-9 in the bronze-medal playoff.

Ref: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/singapore-beat-austria-85-to-win-fina-water-polo-challengers-cup-154124758.html?hl=1&noRedirect=1

My picture - Little India light-up

Deepavali lightup - peacock display

A public domain photo by me