Saturday, 26 October 2019

Exceptional people that helped locals in times of trouble

1) One SBS worker saves a life, another reunites family

(Left) Mr Ang Eng Huat and Mr Abdul Azim Abdul Azizam

2) Manager stops housewife from falling victim to ‘Interpol mission’ scam

(From left) Ms Sally Tay, assistant service manager at DBS Bank; Ms Chiang Boon Cheng Kristie, 42, customer service manager from OCBC Bank; and Mr Ong Teck Cheong Alson, 31, a bank teller from OCBC

3) Commuters recognised for helping to catch upskirters

Ms Chiang Su Sia being handed the award by Assistant Commissioner of Police Evon Ng

The end of hair loss during chemo?

Scientists claim to have found a way to stop cancer patients from losing their hair during chemotherapy.

The destruction of healthy cells, as well as cancerous ones, causes common chemotherapy side effects, such as hair loss.

However, researchers at the University of Manchester found coating follicles with another type of cancer drug may prevent hair loss.

Laboratory tests showed CDK4/6 inhibitors made the follicles 'less susceptible' to chemotherapy drugs called taxanes.


Just one dose of 'hugely exciting' eczema jab 'improves the skin of patients within a month'

Millions of eczema patients may benefit from a new injection after scientists found a jab may treat the common condition.

Oxford University scientists found the pioneering therapy improved the skin of 12 patients – and the results lasted for a month.

Charities today said the results were 'hugely exciting' and claimed the medication, called etokimab, is part of the 'future of treatment'.

Researchers are now planning to trial the antibody treatment – which patients get intravenously – on 300 eczema sufferers.