Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Measles cases in Singapore hit 149 amid global increase

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The number of measles cases in Singapore has hit the highest level since an outbreak in 1997, figures from the Ministry of Health on Thursday (Oct 24) showed.

According to the latest weekly infectious diseases bulletin published on Thursday, there were 149 measles cases in Singapore as of Oct 19.

That is more than four times the number of cases for the whole of 2018, when there were 34.

The number of measles cases in Singapore hit 1,413 in 1997, before the Government introduced the two-dose MMR vaccination schedule in 1998. The number of cases fell to just 114 that year.

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Scam warning: SGH files police report over fake invoice scam

The Singapore General Hospital (SGH) said on Saturday (Oct 26) that it has filed a police report over a fake invoice scam.

The hospital also cautioned members of the public against falling for such falsified documents.

"A fake invoice bearing SGH logo was brought to our attention. It was used to borrow money. Please do not fall prey to such scams," SGH said in a post on Facebook.

SGH requested for the public to message them via Facebook should they encounter such a letter.

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Mother claims her nine-year-old son's eczema cleared overnight after giving him cocoa butter moisturiser

 A mother claims her nine-year-old son's painful eczema was cleared overnight by a cream she bought in Aldi.

Sarah Boyd, from Caerphilly in Wales, was devastated that 'nothing was working' to relieve Ben of his skin condition.

His eczema left him with cracked and bleeding feet, and he even found it painful to put his shoes on and walk.

But Ben's feet improved overnight after trying the Palmer's Cocoa Butter, which was on sale at the budget supermarket chain.

Ref: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-7609211/Boys-eczema-cleared-overnight-taking-2-60-cocoa-butter-moisturiser-Aldi.html

Forum: Unclaimed monies: CPF Board could be more proactive

More can be done to encourage people to nominate the beneficiaries of their Central Provident Fund (CPF) savings.

Perhaps retirees could be recruited to go door to door to speak to CPF members and explain the benefits of nominating beneficiaries and how to go about the process (Unclaimed CPF monies grow to over $200m, Oct 21).

The seniors can be paid for each visit as an incentive.

As the custodian of our savings, the CPF Board should do all it can to ensure that the money does not lie unclaimed when a CPF member dies. The board could be more proactive - that is the socially responsible thing to do.

Mayur Vora

Ref: http://str.sg/JUsM