Wednesday, 6 November 2019

More than 450 people nabbed for possession after vaporisers were made illegal

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From February last year, when the possession of vaporisers became illegal, to Sep 30 this year, 465 people were caught for the offence.

From January 2017 to Sep 30 this year, there were 219 cases of people selling vaporisers - all of which were sold online.

The use, purchase or possession of vaporisers could warrant a fine of up to S$2,000. Anyone who sells, possesses for sale, imports or distributes vaporisers faces up to S$10,000 and up to six months in jail for the first offence, under the Tobacco (Control of Advertisements and Sale) Act.

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5 BreadTalk outlets in 3-month trial, including 10-cent charge for carrier bags

Bakery chain BreadTalk said on Tuesday (Nov 5) that it is stepping up its efforts to reduce the use of plastic carrier bags, as a national push to cut down on plastic waste gathers pace.

BreadTalk said that from Nov 15, it will be running a three-month trial at five of its outlets using a new carrier bag which eliminates the need to place individual bread items in separate bags.

Customers at these outlets will also be charged S$0.10 per carrier bag, if they wish to use one, and will be encouraged to bring their own reusable bag, BreadTalk said.

Other companies in reducing plastic bag usage include NTUC Fairprice, H&M, fast food companies in stopping issuing drinking straws and Foodpanda's option of disposable cutlery.


New rules for riding of e-scooters on footpaths

Note: Kick scooter and skateboard are allowed on footpaths, just not too fast or do stunts.

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