Friday, 8 November 2019

TNP Dollah Kassim Award celebrates 10th anniversary

The New Paper Dollah Kassim Award, an annual accolade which recognises Singapore football talents aged 18 and below, celebrates its 10th year this year, making it a decade in support of youth football.

Six nominees - three each from Under-18 and Under-15 categories - have been picked by a selection panel from the Football Association of Singapore (FAS), after having impressed beyond this year's Centre of Excellence (COE) leagues.

Thanks to Singapore Pools, the previous winners went on overseas training stints with renowned clubs such as England's Newcastle United, French sides FC Metz and St Etienne and Belgium's KRC Genk.

It will be no different for this year's winner.


If you are scared of hidden cameras in your Airbnb, Baidu has an app for that

By now, most of us have heard those stories about hidden cameras in hotels and Airbnbs. They are definitely real. Now there is an app that will help you ferret out hidden cameras in your room… if they’re connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Chinese tech giant Baidu launched an app yesterday called “Privacy Protection Special Version.” The name itself does not reveal much, but Baidu Security says the detection tool will be able to find any spy cameras connected to a Wi-Fi network with the simple tap of a button.

Baidu Security's researchers found that most spy cameras use similar technology. Peeping Toms often choose a tiny Wi-Fi-enabled camera that can be controlled remotely using an app or other software. After looking at the internet protocols used by these Wi-Fi cameras, Baidu developed an app that uses this information to detect cameras after connecting to the same Wi-Fi network.

This means you would not be able to pinpoint exactly where a camera is hidden. But if a camera in your room is streaming video out over the hotel Wi-Fi network you are connected to, this new app will presumably be able to let you know.

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All 85 KFC restaurants in Singapore stop serving plastic cups

All 85 KFC restaurants in Singapore have stopped dishing out plastic cups at the start of November.

The fast-food chain will also trial phasing out paper packaging for 13 dine-in menu items, replacing them with reusable trays from December in two outlets: Kallang and Toa Payoh.

“We are proud to have kick-started a nation-wide movement against single-use plastic straws in 2018. Next, on our continuous drive towards environmental sustainability, KFC Singapore is replacing plastic cups with paper cups in 2019,” said KFC Singapore’s general manager Lynette Lee.

Note: Plastic cover from drinks will still be given upon request.


Reasons to cut back on cheese