Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Book tracing 50 years of cancer trends launched

The cancer rate for women has gone up by almost 50% over the past 50 years, but has remained fairly constant for men, when age is taken into account.

The main reason is a significant drop in lung cancer cases for men, as fewer men now smoke. Smoking is a major cause of lung cancer.

This has offset increases that men face with other cancers. One example is prostate cancer, which has gone up sevenfold in the past half century as men here now live longer lives, and age is a major risk factor for this cancer. Breast cancer in women has more than tripled in that period, said Professor Chia Kee Seng, a senior epidemiologist.

Compared with 50 years ago, the 10-year survival rate for all cancer patients has improved from 26% to 54% for women, and from 13% to 46% for men.


Exceptional people: Bank staff among those hailed for preventing online love scam

(From left) OCBC Bank employees Andrea Ng and Sheila Chow with their Public Spiritedness Award. Source: tnp

Ms Sheila Chow and Ms Andrea Ng were two of the nine people who received the Public Spiritedness Award at the Ang Mo Kio Police Division.

They helped to stop a love scam from transferring money overseas.

Another award recipient, Ms Laureta Maricris Casicas, 39, a 7-Eleven field manager stopped an Indian natioanal victim from buying $2,500 worth of iTunes card in order to secure a job here.


Scam warning: At least S$1.2m lost in Facebook impersonation scams in first 9 months of 2019: Police

In the first nine months of this year, at least S$1.2 million has been lost to scammers pretending to be their victims’ family or friends on Facebook, the police said.

This is from at least 45 reports of Facebook impersonation scams the police recieved in the same period.

Victims of these scams tended to be aged 60 years and above, the police said in an advisory on Monday (Nov 25). The victims were likely unaware that Facebook accounts could get hacked or spoofed, and tended to be more trusting, they added.

The culprits would usually contact the victims using compromised Facebook accounts belonging to the victims’ family and friends and entice them with various types of grants. To receive these grants, victims would be told to provide their personal details, transfer money to bank accounts or remit money overseas.

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Air pollution 'can trigger glaucoma'

Living in highly polluted areas may increase your risk of going blind, a study suggests.

Researchers found people breathing in high amounts of air pollution were at least 6% more likely to develop glaucoma than those in clean regions.

The disease, caused by the death of retina cells at the back of the eye, affects 60 million people around the world, a 10th of whom have gone completely blind.

Scientists believe air pollution may cause glaucoma due to the constriction of blood vessels killing off the retina cells or by chemicals being directly toxic to nerves.