Saturday, 18 January 2020

Pu'er tea a wonder cure for diabetics

A sip of Pu'er tea can be as helpful as drugs in lowering blood sugar and preventing diabetes, says a recent press briefing by the Pu'er city government. That is the finding of scientists at Jilin University and the Changchun Science and Technology University, after two years of studies organized by Pu'er city, Yunnan province.

"Owing to Pu'er tea's obvious effect in restraining some enzymes related to diabetes, the experts believe drinking the right amounts of Pu'er tea can help lower blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes to some extent," says Sheng Jun, deputy mayor of Pu'er city.

The researchers carried out a test among 120 diabetic volunteers. They were asked to drink Pu'er regularly and stop their medicines, while making no change to their dietary habits. Seventy percent reported blood sugar levels lowered to below 7 mmol/L, with an average decrease of 35%.


My 2 cents:

How do you stop water flooding?
1. Build a barrier
2. Sweep away excess water that flows through the barrier.

This is what one should do to stop diabetes. It is a 2-step treatment.

1. The barrier is pu'er tea or vinegar. Both are fermented food and good for resisting sugar from going into the body. Other fermented food like kimchi may also be good.

2. Wholegrain food like oat or barley contains β-glucans. The positive effects of β-glucans on blood glucose are well established scientifically - they can lower glucose. Eat oats or barley to clear excess sugar from your body. Other wholegrains that has slimy liquid, like rice, may also be good for clearing excess sugar. This may be why in the early days when people were eating porridge (because they were poor), there were lower cases of diabetes.

3. Please note that pu'er, oat and barley are cooling food. Eating too much may cause some side effects on your body, so control the amount of these food during consumption or eat them on alternate days.

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