Wednesday, 19 February 2020

How should face masks be properly disposed of, and can they be reused?

As the country grapples with the Covid-19 outbreak, one disturbing trend that has emerged recently is the incidence of face masks being disposed of indiscriminately.

Over the past week, TODAY has seen used masks haphazardly strewn on pavements and escalators, while pictures of masks in lifts and other public areas have emerged online.

Dr Wong Chen Seong, a consultant at the National Centre for Infectious Diseases, said that improperly discarded masks, especially those that are soiled or have a “large amount of respiratory secretions” on them, could be a potential health hazard should others come in contact with it.


Dr Leong detailed several steps to take should one want to dispose of a used face mask (in English in this article), which he shared in Mandarin on a live-streamed Q&A session with Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao recently.

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