Sunday, 24 May 2020

Forum: Blue-collar work should be appreciated

I commend Dr Cheng Ching Siang for his letter (Singaporeans need to develop respect for blue-collar work, May 12). For too long, Singaporeans have had the general attitude that blue-collar work is something of no value.

Our disdain is such that we would rather be unemployed than do blue-collar work. I remember taking a part-time job as a waiter in a nearby restaurant to supplement my income from freelance consulting. A few of my friends asked me about what I did, and when I told them that I even cleaned the windows, a few of them remarked that it would upset my parents who had spent good money to send me to university for me to be seen doing a menial task.

In another instance, a customer asked me if I was a former offender. When I asked what brought about that question, her reply was that there seemed to be something wrong based on the way I spoke and the fact that I was working in a restaurant.

Using treated water to water roadside plants and trees

Working a blue-collar job in my late thirties and early forties taught me to respect and build friendships with our foreign worker population. I learnt that their motivations were the same as mine, they were working hard to make a living and to support their families.

In life under the circuit breaker, the people whom I cannot function without are the cleaners, people stacking supermarket shelves and public transport operators. These are the jobs that have value that we never appreciated.

I hope the authorities will take up Dr Cheng's suggestion and instil the value of all forms of work in our young.

Tang Li


Anti-viral drug effective against coronavirus, study finds

Anti-viral drug remdesivir cuts recovery times in coronavirus patients, according to the full results of a trial published Friday night, three weeks after America's top infectious diseases expert said the study showed the medication has "clear-cut" benefits.

Complete results from the research, which was carried out by US government agency the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), were published by leading medical periodical the New England Journal of Medicine.

The United States authorized the emergency use of remdesivir in hospitals on May 1, followed by Japan, while Europe is considering following suit.

The study found that remdesivir, injected intravenously daily for 10 days, accelerated the recovery of hospitalized COVID-19 patients compared to a placebo in clinical tests on just over a thousand patients across 10 countries.


An Incalculable Loss': NY Times Sunday Front Page Features 1,000 Coronavirus-Related Obituaries


As the United States death toll from the coronavirus pandemic nears 100,000, the Sunday front page of the New York Times will feature 1,000 obituaries of those who died from the COVID-19 disease.


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