Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Kuding cha (苦丁茶) helps in weight loss

Kuding cha is derived from its appearance and taste. It is an alternative tea to the common green tea, which is cooling and may help in weight loss.

Kuding cha is much cooling and it is very bitter. As the leaves are rolled into a spike with sharp ends like a nail, hence its name.

Benefits of kuding cha

Its property of weight loss is much more profound. You can actually see yourself slimming, starting from your waist when you first notice your pants keep dropping. You do not have to spend a lot money to get slim. Drinking this inexpensive tea will give you the same results as going for expensive spa, drinking expensive herbal tea or acupuncture treatment.

Its cooling effect will help those with heatiness constitution like sore throat, flu, etc.

Another property of kuding cha is its alkaline property. Hence people with acidity problems like gastric, heartburn can benefit from drinking kuding cha.

Another name for kuding tea amongst Chinese is 降三高, which means “to lower three highs.” Kuding tea contains many beneficial elements, like vitamins, zinc, flavonoids, polyphenols and acids, which are good for lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.

One important benefit of drinking kuding cha is its ability to resolve toxin. Just like Sabah snake grass which can cure cancer because of its ability to neutralise cancer toxin, kuding cha is able to treat cancer too as it can detox our bodies.

Kuding cha can be bought from the internet. In Singapore, it can be bought from Gainswell Trading / Bee's Brand Bird's Nest and health products at 64-66 Smith Street.

Better quality kuding cha can be bought from China. Hainan Island is famous for this type of tea.

Side effects

1. Kuding cha is very cooling. The coolness will bring you aches and pains, especially the lower back. To reduce such effects, you may use a small part of the leaf instead of the whole leaf. Another way is to drink the tea 2 to 3 times a week instead of every day.

2. Fats from our body is turned into carbon gas and water, hence you may fart a lot and relieving yourself more frequent than usual. Just do not drink this tea in the evening or you will get up to pee in the middle of the night more frequently, which will disturb your sleep.

3. Some people may not be able to handle the bitter taste. To reduce the bitterness taste, steep the leaf for 2-3 minutes and remove the leaf from the water. The longer you steep the leaf, the tea will be more bitter.

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